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Patti Galambos

I have been grooming for 12 years. I have no desire to be a show groomer because my interests are in the dog underneath the fur. We do, however, have a show groomer at Dogsville. I have alway had a huge love of dogs and a special way with them. My true passion in life is my job and I do what I do everyday, knowing that I make a difference. Dogs have filled my life with their unconditional love and I would like to pass it right back to them.

I am a very practical groomer and the everyday pet groomer. I would like to see that all dogs have the groom that best fits their life style. This makes the most sense of all for your dog. I will NEVER hurt your dogs during his groom if a shorter clip is required to do so. I am on your dogs side and am always happy to talk with you about your dog’s groom. See Grooming for more information!

I love my dogs so much and it took me so long to understand my dog is a dog. I could have saved a lot of grief for myself and my dogs if I could have understood this much earlier. By applying dog communication rather that human communication. Dogs are pleasers and if you ask correctly and be consistent you will have success. Learning true leadership of your dogs is the most fulfilling, positive, and truly amazing experience, I am hooked. DOGS ROCK!!

You get what you give with your dog, and we should learn to keep it real, just like our dogs do. They do not hold a grudge, if they do not like something they solve it immediately, and they unconditionally love us. WOW!

I will always see to it that your dog is respected and dealt with positively. My intention at Dogsville is to help grow the relationship with you and your dog. We strive to help give you the tools needed for everyday life with your dog. Talk is free. We spend 40 hours or more a week with a room full of dogs and the knowledge gained is massive.

Our staff will continue to educate ourselves so we can provide the safest, happiest, most comforable, peaceful, positive, and outstanding second home for your pet.