Doggy Daycare

Dogsville’s daycare is definitely different! Open care – nobody is in a kennel all day! With furniture, balanced playgroups and plenty of natural light, we exercise your dog’s body and mind with games, activities, and an abundance of buddies for them to socialize with!

 1/2 Day Daycare  Full Day (5+ Hrs) 10 Day Package* 20 Day Package*
 Small Dog (<25lbs)  $19.00  $26.00  $240.00  $460.00
 Large Dog (>25lbs)  $22.00  $30.00  $270.00  $520.00

*All Packages Include Free Nail Trims!
GST Included.

The Benefits of Doggy Daycare

Your dog gets to be… a dog!

We believe in loving and nurturing your dog in the way that is best for him, and that includes remembering that Fido – whether he’s a shih tzu or a mastiff – is a social creature at heart. Even the shyest dogs can benefit from active, balanced pack socialization, and all dogs love their exercise! At Dogsville, we introduce your dog into a pack environment that allows him, as an individual with individual needs, to gain the most possible from his experience. Older, or just calm? Exuberant and ready to rumble? Yep – there’s a pack for that!

While mom and dad are away, the dogs will play!

Your dog isn’t the only one who can tremendously benefit from Doggy Daycare! Some dogs express the anxiety of being away from you by chewing the house, barking to the annoyance of the neighbors, digging, destroying, or generally causing mayhem. On the flip side, a perfectly well-behaved pooch might just be an energetic handful after a day at home waiting for you to return from your daily workday or errands. Either way, Dogsville is here to help! Enjoy a calm, happily tired dog and a chaos-free home after your pooch has spent his day with us! The benefit is not only your peace of mind, but a better, more stable relationship with your dog.

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