Many of our dogs are happy to come for their regular grooming visits because of how much fun they have, and we’re pleased to say that Dogsville grooming is so much more than a haircut! Dogs are free-roaming (nobody is in a kennel all day!) and allowed to sniff, play, and lounge at their leisure as they wait for their turn to get spruced and tidied up. They have access to fresh water in a temperature controlled, comfortable room with all of the laps, furniture, baby-talk and general spoiling they could ever ask for.

 Small poodles, bichon frise, pomeranians, shih tzu, lhasa apso, westies, labs, rottweilers  $ 60.00
 Shepherds, border collies, cocker spaniels, american eskimo, shelties  $ 62.00
 Kerry blue, wheatons, welsh terrier, springer spaniels, female golden retrievers  $ 69.00
 Airedales, male golden retrievers, siberian huskies  $ 79.00
 Standard Poodles  $ 89.00
 Bouvier, Standard Schnauzer  $ 99.00
 Akita, Malamute, Husky  $ 104.00
 Great Pyrenese, Chow Chow, Newfoundlander, Old English Sheepdog, Scotch Collie $ 109.00
 Bath, Brush and Trim (BBT) Small dogs $ 35.00
and up

Please Note: All prices are estimates, but GST is included.
Prices are subject to dog size, condition of coat, type of coat, requested clip, etc.

For Beauty; For Health

Grooming isn’t just about cleaning up to look and smell nice – it’s about your dog’s health and well-being, too! Our talented groomers, led by owner Patti Galambos, keep nails in good order, coats and skin in healthy condition, and most importantly, keep a close lookout for any abnormalities that might be telling – but easily missed! – signs of possibly serious health conditions. It’s also universally agreed on by vets and experts that grooming is an essential practice that helps prevent or identify a veritable catalogue of skin problems, parasite infestations, and many other detrimental conditions.

And it’s not just their physical health that benefits! Grooming is an effective method of dog training that helps build your dog’s confidence and tolerance with essential processes to their health later in life – with veterinary visits, young children, or anything else that might come their way!


We’re proud to say that we use only the best available, all natural products on our dogs. However, if your dog is highly sensitive or allergy-prone, you are more than welcome to provide an alternative shampoo or product for use on your dog. We’ll return what’s left to you at pick-up!

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